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To make great-tasting homemade pizza, you need to make great-tasting pizza dough! You can use any pizza dough recipe you find, or you can use one as illustrated here.

You'll need:

  • Yeast
  • Oil
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Regular Flour
  • Bread Flour
Start by combining warm water, yeast, and one teaspoon of sugar.

Allow this to "proof" (that is, allow time for the yeast to activate).

After proofing, add in Jan's Dough Sourdough Starter, salt, sugar, and oil.

Stir well.

Stir in regular flour, and then bread flour.
Stir until all flour has been mixed in.
Knead pizza dough. The process for kneading pizza dough is the same as kneading bread dough.
Knead until the pizza dough is smooth and dry. You should not have to knead in too much extra flour so that the dough will be "dry" to the touch.
Begin to roll out the pizza dough. I find that it is easier to use a rolling pin than to attempt to shape it with your hands.
Roll until the dough is about 1-1/2" larger in diameter than your pizza pan (for a large pizza).
Lay one edge of the rolled-out pizza dough over the rolling pin to help you put it in the pizza pan.

After using several types of pizza pans, I've found this non-stick pan, with holes in it, to be the best.

Create the pizza crust by allowing the edges of the rolled-out dough to line up around the edge of the pan. If you prefer a crustless pizza, the run a sharp knife around the perimeter of the pan and cut away the excess dough.

Don't throw that dough out! Cut in small pieces and bake on a greased cookie sheet. Serve with warmed pizza sauce. This is a great appetizer!

The real secret to making a great homemade pizza is to pre-bake the pizza crust for about 7 minutes.

After 3-4 minutes, turn the crust in the oven so that it bakes evenly.

Don't pre-bake too long or the crust will overcook and puff up (from the steam created in between the bottom and the top of the crust dough.

When the crust is pre-baked (the edges should be only very lightly browned, begin to "build" the pizza with sauce and your preferred toppings.
Spread the sauce evenly so that it completely covers the crust. Use sauce sparingly is you prefer a dry pizza or pour it on thick if you enjoy a really saucy pizza.
Layer on pepperoni, onions and pepper (pre-cooked if you don't like the onion and pepper to be "crunchy"), sausage, olives, and any other topping you enjoy.

However, do not put on the cheese at this point. This will prevent the cheese from burning.

If you are making a Hawaiian pizza, you might prefer to withhold the pineapple at this point as well.

Put the pizza in the oven and bake for about 13 minutes.

While the pizza is baking, sprinkle a pizza stone with cornmeal. If you aren't using a pizza stone, then you can sprinkle the cornmeal into another pizza pan (that doesn't have holes in it!).

When the pizza is done baking, you'll be sliding the pizza crust bottom onto this stone. The cornmeal will prevent the bottom of the crust from being soggy.

After 13 minutes, take the pizza out of the oven. Add the cheese (and pineapple or any other very perishable topping).

Bake for about 3 minutes to melt the cheese.

Slide the baked pizza onto the cornmeal coated pizza stone. Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes.
Cut with a pizza cutter...

...and enjoy!

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